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Triune Brain, Triune Mind, Triune Worldview (English Edition)
Por W.R. Klemm

Are you concerned, conflicted, and confused about your life’s meaning and purpose? Have you examined how you address the existential issues of the alternatives in religious beliefs and doctrines?

This book explores a trinity of perspectives, based on the intimate interface of a Triune Brain (an oversimplified view of our evolved reptile brain, primitive mammalian brain, and newly evolved primate brain), the Triune Mind (consisting of conscious, unconscious, nonconscious processes), and a Triune Worldview, (where neuroscience, mental health, and religion overlap and mutually inform each other). The eternal human quest for a happy and fulfilled life can now enter a new phase as we create new understandings from the interactions of neuroscience, mental health, and religion.

This book will encourage and help you think and feel anew in a mentally healthy way in your pursuit of wholeness, fulfillment, and happiness.